SCM player skins happy never after


rule number 1: You never ever tell someone to kill themselves

rule number 2: You never tell someone that they are fat

rule number 3: You never tell someone that they are thin

rule number 4: You never judge someone and point their flaws

rule number 5: If you don’t have anything nice to say just shut the hell up


Divergent - March 21, 2014

Insurgent March 20, 2015

Allegiant - Part 1,March 18, 2016 / Part 2, March 24, 2017.

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Paul Wesley arriving at PIX11 Morning News studios on April 15th.

omfg is it thursday yet? —ancient stelena fandom proverb  (via pesantecomeunalibellula)
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My eyes are fixed on Eric and will not move. My odds, as the smallest initiate, as the only Abnegation transfer, are not good. Eric snaps. “If you’re really one of us it wont matter to you that you might fail. And if it does, you are a coward. You chose us,” He says, “Now we have to choose you.”


Blood Moon: April 15, 2014 in Los Angeles